About Us

Riddhi Corporation is having an experience of 27 years and is a pioneer of stainless steel accessories in India. Riddhi Corporation has innovated 100% Stainless Steel accessories which are non rusting and everlasting.

Riddhi Corporation is a proprietory firm started by Mr. Harish M Jajal ( B. Sc). The business has been started by Mr. Harish M Jajal on his own and has been developed over a period of time. The company has successfully expanded and grown over a period of time and has established its name in the two wheeler accessories market. The company has become an Original Equipment Manufacturer to HONDA , SUZUKI, YAMAHA for supplying two wheeler accessories for their various two wheeler models.

Initially Riddhi Corporation started selling accessories to the authorized dealers of all major two wheeler companies in India Over a period of time Riddhi Corporation has proved its mettle and has become an OEM Supplier of accessories.

Currently Riddhi Corporation is an OEM manufacturer and supplier of two wheeler accessories to HONDA and YAMAHA for its various two wheeler products.

The company is manufacturing two wheeler accessories for various models of HONDA & YAMAHA (all major Japanese companies ) meeting their stringent quality standards. The company is successfully supplying M.S. Powder coated as well as Stainless Steel accessories to the above mentioned companies.

Riddhi Corporation produces Front Guard, Side Bedding, Round Rear Guard, Side Guard, Leg Guard for scooters and motorcycles of the above mentioned companies meeting the highest quality standards set by them for all their models .

Riddhi Corporation is looking forward to become a leading supplier as an OEM of two wheeler accessories to all major two wheeler companies in India and also in the Replacement Market.